Poetry, Reflections

A Simple Expression…

It is what it is…

We are who we are…

A simple expression

in human flesh and form.

“And what is mine?,”

One thinks to ask.

“Love heals All…



7 thoughts on “A Simple Expression…

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful says:

    This is an irrefutable truth Lisa.
    We might not manage it all of the time to everyone but friendship or at least civilty will serve for a temporary answer.

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  2. “Love heals all… Eventually.”
    Of course my Snark self immediately goes, “Oh yeah? Like the second coming? Ain’t seen love heal anything much yet, let alone all.” Since I’m closely related to my Snark, I have to listen. I she right about that? Well, let’s see, the greatest “love religion” is Christianity… so we should see a whole lot of healing where that belief rules but what we get instead are crusades, inquisitions, tortures, genocides and some of the bloodiest and cruelest wars ever fought on earth. I think if we wait for love to heal all, Lisa, we’ll all be blanched dancing skeletons doing the “Danse Macabre” (Camille Saint-Saëns). I’ve been a student, observer and “tester” of the love concept for many long decades and I came to the conclusion that it is feel-good concept that only works because no one dares refute the common belief in love by stating that it is a chimera.
    We can however teach ourselves to practice “the art of compassion” and discover it’s life-changing energy. Whereas love is a popular and powerless myth (unless it is expressed as an emotion) compassion is a force. You can so easily fake love but you cannot fake compassion.
    Thought I’d throw that in (again!) while the post is still burping on the stove.

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    • I hear what you’re saying, Sha’Tara, and I fully expected it. Lol! We’ve had this discussion many times, and my response is equally predictable. Those events you mention may well have been done by Christians, under the banner of Christianity, but they are no more Christian than I am. 😉 As for compassion being a force you cannot fake, I would agree with that. The difference for me is that I see compassion as an expression of love, an act of love, rather than as something separate.

      And the all this piece refers to is the capitalized version (the All), which is the multi-version of One. Love will heal all my selves… eventually.

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