When the Earth erupts in flame and fire

I shall stand and burn.

When the Earth is washed with deep flood waters

I shall stand and drown.

When the Earth is shaken to its core,

a trap of stone and rubble,

I shall stand and dance.

When the Earth is cleansed with winds of change,

cyclonic storms that rupture and rend,

I shall stand and breathe.

When all that I have ever known is gone and lost forever,


and only then…

to the flow of Time I shall at last surrender

and still be Me…


** Offered in response to the poetry challenge from Cafe Philos…



17 thoughts on “Defiance…

  1. Thank you for this poem, Lusa. I want to say “Stand your ground!” but thanks to American state laws that has taken on a dark meaning. So i stead I will just try, Believe in yourself always, which I know you already do.

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