”Caught Up in My Own Drama…”

Caught up in my own drama

a single person play

a solo performance

on a tiny little stage…

Writing, and rewriting, the dialogue

rearranging the scenes

so very little to work with

so very much to change…

Missing out on what’s around me

as I toil at my craft

convinced if I can get it “write”

the rest will fall in place…

Delusion, like fantasy, the dreamer’s media

presumptuous assumptions

those foundational mis-sumptions

guaranteed to lead one astray…

Yet here I am, complaining again

how nothing turns out “right”

when caught up in my own drama

directing the soul actor of my play…


18 thoughts on “”Caught Up in My Own Drama…”

  1. Great play on words, Lisa: soul actor in a one-woman play.
    Why is it when you write I have great difficulty separating the narrator from the writer? I always feel you are exposing your heart and your mind, and I want to reach out and hold you till these feelings go away. I am male, I was born a fixer, but your writing takes me beyond that, not fixing, but letting you know you are cared for until your world is safe again. You make me cry…

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    • Perhaps you have difficulty separating us because there is none; I AM the narrator and the writer. 😁 And I appreciate your innate reaction to my exposed vulnerability. It is a blessing to be acknowledged, felt and cared for! Thank you…


      • I am the narrator in most of my poetry, but not all. I love writing in the first person, and find it somewhat uncomfortable writing in the 3rd. At one point I yearned to write a novella or novel in the 2nd person, and I even figured out how to do it, but it was too hard to maintain.
        Nowadays it would be more believable, because the “Alexis” program people use to help them live “easier” is exactly what I was using as my narrator, though that was back in the 80s. Friends told me it would never happen…

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      • That would be “you” (tu in French, also toi) – kind of finger pointing unless one writes “generic you!” as a disclaimer… In the imperative (command) the pronoun is omitted, as in, “Go!” in the second person. In English imperative ‘go’ can be singular or plural, in French ‘Va’ is singular, ‘Allez!’ is plural. Confused yet?

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      • Ohh… duh is me! But how would second person narration work? Except, perhaps, in dialogue, or reminiscing. Like “I remember when you did… such and such. You really turned the tables on those fools,” etc…

        Sorry, just can’t seem to get my brain around this, but it’s a challenge I want to try…


      • If you want to try it, I will not say anything more. But I already gave you a hint above…
        Just so you know, it took me a while to wrap my mind around it too. It is a weird viewpoint for sure.

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      • I will need more than a hint, Jerry. Lol! The Alexis hint doesn’t help me at all; I don’t even understand how that counts as a second person viewpoint. Go ahead and write me an example piece, say 1000 words or so. Then I can use that as a template for my own story. 😁


      • It wasn’t a thousand words, but it was 500. Posted it on my WordArt blog. The story took an unexpected twist, but all my stories do that. I apologize for the subject matter in advance.
        But as I was writing it, I thought of you and your condition, and realized it could be the perfect situation for a second person narrator story. I was actually telling it from the viewpoint of someone with Multiple Personality Disorder, but it could have been someone like you just as easily, if you could watch someone else’s life for awhile. Whether you can or not I have no idea.
        So let me know what you think please. It was a good lesrning experience.

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      • I am impressed with how quickly you got that done! And I understand much better now what you mean. I made comments about the specific story on your blog, though I admit, I went into it with the Alexis idea as bias. When your character said he must have said something aloud, I built my understanding on that bias. I missed the whole MPD connection, so I will have to go back and reread it with that in mind to see how it changes things…

        I was also thinking the whole “guided meditation” voice would lend itself easily to this second person viewpoint…

        Hmmm… let my subconscious mull this over for a time, and I will share what it pops out, ok?

        Thanks for the lesson, Jerry! I’m finding it quite stimulating intellectually, and quite distracting from my self-imposed “suffering”; both wins in my book! 😁❤️


      • The basis for the story has been with me for many years, and I made an amateurish attempt back in the 70s or 80s. I was going to use the “Alexa” vehicle, right up to the time my fingers refused to put quotation msrks around the questions he was asking in the prologue. They never were spoken aloud, but they were heard. The fact that he “heard” a voice is a question mark. Was it a spoken voice, or just one in his head that was foreign to him, so he thought he was “hearing” it?
        By the way, did it come across the voice was female? She was supposed to be. But also she was expressionless. No anger, no shame, just statements that ended in periods. I mean, she tried, calling the victim a bimbo, but it came out in a calm voice. I doubt that subtlety came through, but to name it in the story would have definitely changed the narrative. Outside the story I can talk about it, lol.
        Anyway, for a few lines even I did not know it was another personality in his head who was talking, whom he thought he was hearing. I was wondering what was going on, until I caught on. It wasn’t his conscience, because that would not have been a calm voice, but that could work as a vehicle, as could your “guided meditaton voice”, and that way the story would not have to be tragic. But now that I have the tragic story out of me, maybe that can open me up to something new. Thank you for that.
        I’m losing my original track as new possibilities come to me, so I best end this here. We can talk more later. Peace, Lisa.


      • Wow, I just had a major flashback during my meditation!! I suddenly remembered that my “3 book series,” written in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s included three books, of which I only ever mention two. (Duh!!). The second book was never shared, still existing somewhere in longhand. But the entire book was written as a letter to someone, recounting the many times we crossed paths in this life (and maybe others). I think that qualifies as second person narration, right?


      • It certainly could, depending on how you worded it. I’m betting you combined 1st and 3rd person narratives, but I really have no basis for that statement, just the fact those are the only two narrators I have ever seen used. 2nd person narration, at least as a purist might expect, would have to use the “you” pronoun, and keep the “I” or “we” or “he/she/they” out of it. That is not easy.
        So don’t be a purist like me. That severely limits the possibilities.

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