Second person challenge…

Anyone else feel up to the challenge of writing a short story/poem from the second person point of view? That would be narrating the story to “you,” as my blessed grammar teachers are helping me understand… I’m including the link to rawgod’s example story because I couldn’t reblog it for some reason.

TRIGGER WARNING: the subject matter involves rape, so if this triggers you, please do not follow this link…


Please post links to your stories in the comments section, so we can all appreciate your efforts! 😁


5 thoughts on “Second person challenge…

      • I understand completely. Not that events are related or similar, but the effects are. We are back on 4 hour alert for the wildfires still burning in our area. The big one is now up to 325,000 hectares with a number of smaller ones that, if they were to join, would become a raging inferno. We have had many 10 five-minute thunderstorms in the past few days after months of little precipitation, but this storms are widely scattered and too small to affect a fire so large. We aren’t exactly sitting on pins and needles, but it still shows up in some comments I have made to friends recently.
        Not to quote Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., who apparently only used this phrase after someone in his stories died, but so it goes…

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      • You are too kind, but I feel the same way about you. Where you live is more dangerous than where I live, but death is always a split-second away no matter where one lives.
        However, life is still worth it, as long as it lasts…

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