2 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Stable

  1. The story gives a kind of “insulation dust” feeling! I cannot imagine life, any sort of life, where change isn’t the order of the day. How do we punish people? We put them in jails? Why? Because it is a restrictive, highly regimented and mainly non-changing environment. Remember the point made in the movie, “Pleasantville”? Isn’t it interesting that only Earthians would even tackle the issue of change versus non-change? Heraclitus stated that “change is the one constant in life.” It could be argued that life only exists as change. After all, what is evolution but constant, endless, change? I may have an issue with how the concept of evolution is presented, but even changing the term to “adaptation” doesn’t the same thing hold true? The dichotomy of Earthianity (Homo Sapiens if you prefer) is a species that fears change even while being the author of the most ostentatious and destructive change on the planet. We can be change-makers or we can be change-sufferers and it is the degree to which we are self-empowered that decides where we stand.
    A powerful little-BIG story, Lisa.

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    • Thanks, Sha’Tara. We are an arrogant, out of touch species as a rule. And change occurs whether we will it or not. This story started as a political statement and kind of morphed into something else. But that “insulation dust” feeling is an apt description of how I felt writing it. Lol!


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