Poetry, Reflections

“The Glass Prison…”

Trapped in a prison of glass…

Free to see…

Free to feel…

But unable to touch those outside.

Watching as they self-destruct,

dragging along as many Others

as each can touch…

Only windows here,

but no doors I can find.

Bearing witness to the fury that consumes…

Nothing more.

Or less.

There are airholes high above me,

allowing me to breathe.

The stench of death and rotten things

nearly suffocating me…

“It’s only glass!,” you point out,

your tone a measured mix of disdain and disgust.

“If you feel trapped by it, you can only blame yourself!”

“True,” I think, knowing you are right.

“But if the only weapons I have are my hands, and feet and head…

“If I can only turn within this space, but not take a single step…

“Then how do I escape without also destroying my Self?”

And do I really want to?


Standing in a sanctuary made of glass…

Free to see…

Free to feel…

But unable to be touched by those outside.

Flashback..., Poetry

“Living Logos…”

** An old one, but since the topic came up…  😉 **

“Living Logos”


Star to star…  Heart to Heart…

One step closer to being a-part.

All we can be…  All we can know…

All we Is, and All we are.


Hand to hand…  Soul to soul…

Each to the Other too other to know.

Mind to mind, the truth is One (won)…

The union of Stars, the birth of a Sun!

Poetry, Reflections, Visions


This is offered unedited, just as it came to me today.  Thought I should clarify that for some reason… lol!


There is a network beneath the ground

Tangled, tight and strong

Where messages travel faster than light

From anywhere to everywhere

In the awareness of a thought.

There is a global awakening happening

Though it may not be with us…

Silly humans, trussed up and selfish

Convinced we are the better Beings.

But beneath the ground there is no light

To compare our color, size or speed

There is only our strength

And willingness to embrace

All other living beings…

So if you find yourself awakening

In a world that doesn’t feel right

Look down, not up, for what you seek,

And embrace your true community.

For our answers are no longer above us

Shining in the Light

But hidden below, in warm, friendly shadow

Where individuals strengthen the whole.

And I am not just a human today

Frail, futile and faulty…

Today I embrace my deeper connections

And name myself

A Tree!

Poetry, Reflections

“I Hear You…”

I hear your voice in the wind

calling me…

And I cannot help but follow the sound.

There is no fear in me

nor doubt…

Nor any question of why or when.

It’s automatic; my response, that is.

You call.  I come…

For that’s what it means to be friends.

And if our paths do not physically cross today,

it hardly matters on the whole…

For distance can never truly separate us;

only our inner walls.

And I have nothing to hide from you today.

I see clearly through your pain…

“You are not alone anymore…

… in your grief, your sorrow, your shame.

I am with you, dear One.”

That’s all I wanted to say…

Poetry, Reflections, Visions


I woke from a dream the other day…  seeing.  And what I “envisioned” was this…

I saw a field of static…

white noise…  I saw.

And it was white, kinda, or maybe a light dirty grey…

filled with billions of black dots…

all moving…


Together they formed lines and shapes,

flashing in and out of sight,

all shifting so quickly,

they could only be identified by hindsight.

As I stared at this wall of blankness

that wasn’t actually blank at all,

I knew Others were watching, too,

and that the static had become the rule.

We were staring with intention,


until what we saw

became reality.

Gradually some began to speak,

shouting out the things they’d see,

while others spoke to validate…

or contradict…

their views.

Until, finally, baffled and confused,

it occurred to me

that all of it was true…

That this static was nothing more than pure potential…

and nothing less than pure creativity…

And we, as observers with the courage to speak,

could so influence what others might see.

And the only thing I could think of to say was…

“Please create responsibly.”

But, really now…

What does that actually mean?

And then the Silence came for me once more,

and there was Nothing…

but static on a wall…


Poetry, Reflections, Visions

“The Pendulum…”

I had a vision this morning, during meditation.  It was quite disturbing to me…

In that vision, I was surrounded by standing people, all staring at me expectantly.  They were angry, defiant, defensive, with their arms crossed tightly in front of them.  I recognized some as prominent people from both sides of the political divide.  They appeared to be accusing me of something.  I heard myself telling them that nothing had actually changed…

As their demeanor grew more threatening, I found myself back-pedalling, seeking a safe distance from those in front of me.  Which is how I noticed the crowd was growing, including many “ordinary” faces among them now.  Before my very eyes the crowd became an angry mob, incapable of reasoning.  And all I could find to say to them, as my own frustration began being tainted by their fury, was…

“What is it you want from me?!   Some things just never change!”

***     ***

The pendulum swings back and forth

marking time…

making history…

And strapped beneath its swinging blade

we cannot escape its inevitability.

Swaying right or swaying left

we are divided either way.

Perhaps there is no reality

that includes an actual change…?