Unquotable Quotes #29

On lying to Oneself…

Just because you think you “got away with” something doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty of committing the “crime” anyway…

Just sayin’…


Unquotable Quotes #26

[Based on a real conversation I had recently with a co-worker and friend, who is usually quite tolerant of my eccentricities, even if she doesn’t follow or agree with them…]

FRIEND:  Who are you, and what have you done to my Lisa?

ME: (blank stare)…

FRIEND: No, seriously.  Where did she go, and how do I get her back?

ME: (shrugging, while shaking my head slowly, confused)…

FRIEND:  I want my Lisa back!!  Make it happen!

*** [fast forward 2 days or so]***

FRIEND: I told you I want my Lisa back!!  Where is she?!

ME:  I’m sorry…?  I don’t know…?  how…?


Unquotable Quotes #25

[Begin rant…]

Please don’t stand on the other side of my retail counter spending money you don’t have on gifts that aren’t needed, and lecture me about how the “true” meaning of the holiday season has been lost because us retail folk refuse to greet everyone with the words “Merry Christmas!”

Your glaring hypocrisy makes a mockery of both your argument, and the offense you’ve taken!

Enough said!

[End rant!]