What happens when…

…you get out of your routine encounters with Nature? When life prevents you from seeking wild places and meetings with wildlife emissaries?…

Why, they come to you! Naturally! Lol!

(Meet my visitor from last night… And yes, that’s my upstairs bedroom, as far from the outside door as possible…)


Dreams, Reflections


So…  I finally experienced what true telepathy must feel like, and it came to me in a dream…

I’ve read a lot about telepathy, the “new communication,” and about people’s experiences with it.  They frequently share that it involves no words; it’s more like a transfer of complete thought, image and feeling, without a need for translation, explanation or intellectualization of any kind.  But I could never get my mind around how that might work.  (Duh!)

So this morning I’m dreaming that I’m hanging with one of my others, just chit chatting and being friendly.  Suddenly her phone alarm goes off.  I looked at her and commented that her alarm sounded exactly like mine, feeling kind of awed that we would choose exactly the same ringtone in our different worlds!

Then I realized it was because it was my alarm I was hearing, and I woke up…

In the time it took for me to think the words, “oh.  That’s because it’s my alarm,” we had already shared the humor of the moment.  We had laughed, dredged up similar instances of mistaken coincidence, and acknowledged that the friendly visit was over… before I finished thinking the words!

And as my eyes opened and I reached for my phone, I knew the completeness of that instant was what true telepathy feels like.  No words/images are necessary, no translations are needed, no doubt exists; there is a shared experience, complete, understood and timeless…

A beautiful moment, to be sure…


Unquotable Quotes #26

[Based on a real conversation I had recently with a co-worker and friend, who is usually quite tolerant of my eccentricities, even if she doesn’t follow or agree with them…]

FRIEND:  Who are you, and what have you done to my Lisa?

ME: (blank stare)…

FRIEND: No, seriously.  Where did she go, and how do I get her back?

ME: (shrugging, while shaking my head slowly, confused)…

FRIEND:  I want my Lisa back!!  Make it happen!

*** [fast forward 2 days or so]***

FRIEND: I told you I want my Lisa back!!  Where is she?!

ME:  I’m sorry…?  I don’t know…?  how…?

Poetry, Reflections


The howling wind blows through me…

Unsubstantial and ephemeral…

Causing “me” to sway and wave,

yet not truly disintegrating.

I feel the tug and pull of many directions…

Swirling and eddying around…

Hard to know which way you’re facing,

when there is no solid ground.

But “I” persist in this timeless state…

Clinging and grasping ineffectually…

Trying to maintain a pointless ego,

in a completely mindless place.

***     ***

Laugh…  Just laugh.

What else can you do?

Reason has deserted us…

While Absurdity is the Rule!



Unquotable Quotes #25

[Begin rant…]

Please don’t stand on the other side of my retail counter spending money you don’t have on gifts that aren’t needed, and lecture me about how the “true” meaning of the holiday season has been lost because us retail folk refuse to greet everyone with the words “Merry Christmas!”

Your glaring hypocrisy makes a mockery of both your argument, and the offense you’ve taken!

Enough said!

[End rant!]



Dis-gusted…       Dis-eased…     Dis-gruntled…     Dis-empowered…     Dis-placed…     Dis-enfranchised…   Dis-pleased…     Dis-traught…     Dis(orDys)-functional…    Dis-interested…     Dis-obedient…     Dis-approve…     Dis-entangled…     Dis-like…     Dis-advantaged…     Dis-believing…     Dis-ordered…    Dis-affected…   Dis-agree…  Dis-assembling…     Dis-aster…     Dis-allowed…     Dis-associated…     Dis-abused!

Anyone else feeling “dis-sed” these days?