“The Love of One for AnOther”

This poem, also published as a blog post, is one of the definitive explanatory pieces I created to explain The Otherhood of One.  As has been my pattern in the past, after I complete a book, a poem comes to me that “sums it up”, a kind of poetic synopsis of whatever I just completed.  This poem was the synopsis of a book entitled “Adventures in Otherhood: The Gathering”.  I share it here because I believe it eloquently expresses much behind The Otherhood in general…

“The Love of One for An Other”


One turns to An Other and asks

“What do I mean?”

An Other to One:

“I means you are me.”

Confused One wonders

almost to Oneself

driven by questions, by need,

by Doubt…

“But how can I use this to get what I want?  What is the reason for knowing this stuff?”

An Other laughs gently,

knowing One’s fear,

and a Reason for Knowing

becomes perfectly clear:

“You will know how to use this as soon as you see the Purpose of Being, what it means to be Me.”

Silence ensues as One contemplates…

A Moment…  A Lifetime…

An Other just waits.

Smiling, One turns to An Other and says, “Thank you, my friend,

I do understand.”

Lifting One’s “eyes”

One finally sees

by the Light of An Other

the Truth within Being:

All I can Be…

All I Am…

All I want

is to Be


© Lisa R. Palmer, 1994.


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