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Guest Post by Maria M…

I’ve mentioned my friend Maria before, though maybe not by name.  She is the one who encouraged me to start this blog in the first place.  More like she poked, and needled, and insisted and nagged until I did… lol!  And I’m very grateful she did…

She came to me today with a post she wanted to make on Facebook, expressing her thoughts and opinions about this past week.  We talked.  And having seen so many of my friends attacked for posting such things on their own pages, I was reluctant to encourage her to put it out there; she so rarely expresses herself this way that I didn’t want to see her get trampled for it.  She asked if she could post it here, and I thought it was a great idea!  My own experiences with WordPress so far have shown a community that usually respects and tolerates, even if it disagrees.  I hope that holds true for my guest as well…


Maria M. says:

I do not often use social media to say anything earth shattering; I try to keep it light and drama free. There isn’t much I have to say about the current events.  I would like for people to keep in mind that America is not a democracy.  As I was reminded yesterday, it is a republic.  We are led to believe that what we, as a people, say matters.  The truth of it is, if it did, many elections throughout the years would have been different.  This means things might have been better or worse.  We will never know.

What I do believe is that we need to not hate on our neighbors, friends or even that random stranger over there.  They tried to do the right thing.  If you have ill will and distaste, please direct it in the right direction.  Your selected government officials are the people who decided we could not make the right choice and made it for us.

Stay strong and support the people you care about.  Don’t let them be mistreated or abused.  No matter what side you are on, human decency needs to be universal.  Stay safe and strong, friends.  This is not the time to run and hide, but to stand up and be accounted for, as someone who believes in hope and love for everyone.


Thank you, Maria!  🙂


14 thoughts on “Guest Post by Maria M…

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  2. Let’s all join the safety pin brigade that’s all over FB: pledge to support those under attack: muslims, disabled, Latino, LGBT, anyone being vilified by trump supporters. Wear a safety pin to show those people ou are safe for them!

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  3. ANM7 says:

    I totally agree with this lovely post Maria. I would like to add that there are hired folk masquerading as protesters, protesting our God given choice as voters. Don’t be dismayed due to these hirelings (google it if you wish). This too should die down.


  4. I am a long time Trump supporter and have never vilified anyone. I think 99.9% of Trump supporters are the same. We are just everyday people looking for someone to stand up to the elite cabal running our government. They have completely ignored our wishes for decades. My current problem is with the violent protesters (many of them hired thugs by those same elitists) and the bewildered group of young people who can’t seem to accept that the election is over. I say “Give Trump a Chance – #GTaC”. You might be surprised and pleased with the outcome.

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