Two opposing forces meet,

matching strengths and wits,

“rubbing each other the wrong way”,

as they struggle to convince.

Caught up in a conflict

that neither side can win;

carrying on incessantly

because neither side will “give.”

And what is to be gained from this constant state of friction?

But a “rounding of the edges” (a muting of conviction)…

And a spark to light the conflagration

that will consume this competition!


Meditation: A Magical Reset?

There is a moment in every day, when I crawl deep within my Self, to a place untouched…  A refuge, where the horrors of the outside world cannot reach…  A pleasant pause, when the terrors of my own physicality do not stalk me…  I am completely content, pain-free, at peace…

A soft buzzing fills my ears, muffling the silent screams of every heart grasping for relief.  A glowing warmth envelops me, staving off the constant chill of foreboding.  Tears slide joyfully down my cheeks, cleansing my spirit in the way only they can.  And I am free…  Completely…

For a moment, every day…

And then the tide shifts, and it All comes rushing in, yanking me back into the world again, as the wave recedes.

Sound returns with a shout and a roar, as Life cries out to be heard, demanding… something… recognition, answers, or succor?

Goosebumps rise as the everpresent sense of dread washes over me once more…

And then the pain flares up, like random flames, reminding me that my body still lives in a world ruled by Time…

I wonder if that peaceful moment, that blessed meditative state, even occurred?

And the answer is?  It doesn’t matter.  I had the experience; I knew it to be true.  And so it was…

So the only question that remains then is: is it enough?  Can the memory of that moment get me through this day?

And the only answer that matters is: of course it will!  Because it must!

I am who I am once more, re-armored, re-armed and re-set.  An’other day begins for this warrior-ess…

Poetry, Reflections


Tossed to the roadside

left to die…

Like garbage from another time.

Pushed aside, out of sight

out of mind…

Irrelevant am I…

So who am I?

Who am I you left to die?

Who am I you pushed aside?

Who am I?

You decide…

Am I pride, dignity, or hope?

Trust or faith?

Reason, responsibility, humility perhaps?

Conscience, purpose, or justice?

For all of these are now abandoned,

drained of their power to motivate

and empower…

What then is left?

So… who am I, left here to die?

Whose relevancy has been pushed aside?

You decide…

Am I humanity,

and the planet on which we reside?

Or am I greed,

and the system on which it relies?

You decide…

Knowing no answer is an answer this time…

For abandonment is an action,

passive or aggressive,

the results will be the tide

that wipes away our history…

Tossed to the roadside

left to die

the garbage from another time…






Really, Lisa – violence?!  Are you actually thinking this might be a solution?!

… (no answer is forthcoming)…

Please say it ain’t so…?  You know better!  You’ve lived better!  Initiating violence is never a solution!

…  *sigh* …

[Arms crossed, foot tapping, eyebrow cocked, my conscience waits for a commitment]…

“Well…,” I finally respond, “it’s not like was planning to do the violence!”

***     ***     ***

Still…  The truth is…

I know better.  I would never advocate violence as a solution.  But there are times, like now, when a little well-placed, targeted violence might actually go a long way.  At least in the short term, anyway.

I mean, let’s face it – peaceful resistance does not appear to be working, at least in the sense of shifting momentum.  Yes, there are so many “feel-good” individual stories out there, about good people doing the right thing.  They should give us hope, remind us that how we treat each other, here and now – neighbors, friends, strangers and enemies – is what truly matters.  And it does; no question about it!  I look for and live for those discoveries every day…

Meanwhile, a steamroller, armed like a tank, continues to roll roughshod through our lives, smashing every last shred of dignity and hope from our lives.  They no longer even try to hide or explain their actions; they simply do not care about anyone but themselves, and they see no reason to deny themselves any longer.

And it does not matter that “they” are a minority, that “they” are vastly outnumbered by “us.”  For we are people of conscience, empathy, compassion, and our convictions will not allow us to respond in any way that matters to them!  They know this, and so they are not afraid…

For those whose consciences are less conflicted, now is a time of great importance.  Seeing what you see, how will you choose?  Yes, a part of you wants to be and do “good,” because that’s what you believe is right.  But those doing “bad” are getting away with it, taking what they want without consequence.  The rich get richer and fewer in number; the poor get poorer and multiply exponentially.  Virtuous concepts like justice, equality, fairness, and reason have fallen by the wayside, victims of the heinous appetites of a small portion of the populace…

Is all of humanity corrupt?  Some say yes, but I cannot believe it’s true.  I see people every day making the hard choice, acting compassionately rather than violently.  And for those who feel themselves buckling under the weight of wrongness, who choose not the path of violence and greed, escapism has become the avenue of choice.  Anywhere but here…  Anytime but now…

So…  Violence?

Carefully targeted and controlled?


I no longer feel justified in condemning such a possibility.  I will not do it myself, but I’m no longer certain I could judge another who chose such a path.

But then…  Who am I to judge an’other anyway?


Unquotable Quotes #26

[Based on a real conversation I had recently with a co-worker and friend, who is usually quite tolerant of my eccentricities, even if she doesn’t follow or agree with them…]

FRIEND:  Who are you, and what have you done to my Lisa?

ME: (blank stare)…

FRIEND: No, seriously.  Where did she go, and how do I get her back?

ME: (shrugging, while shaking my head slowly, confused)…

FRIEND:  I want my Lisa back!!  Make it happen!

*** [fast forward 2 days or so]***

FRIEND: I told you I want my Lisa back!!  Where is she?!

ME:  I’m sorry…?  I don’t know…?  how…?

Poetry, Reflections


The howling wind blows through me…

Unsubstantial and ephemeral…

Causing “me” to sway and wave,

yet not truly disintegrating.

I feel the tug and pull of many directions…

Swirling and eddying around…

Hard to know which way you’re facing,

when there is no solid ground.

But “I” persist in this timeless state…

Clinging and grasping ineffectually…

Trying to maintain a pointless ego,

in a completely mindless place.

***     ***

Laugh…  Just laugh.

What else can you do?

Reason has deserted us…

While Absurdity is the Rule!



Unquotable Quotes #25

[Begin rant…]

Please don’t stand on the other side of my retail counter spending money you don’t have on gifts that aren’t needed, and lecture me about how the “true” meaning of the holiday season has been lost because us retail folk refuse to greet everyone with the words “Merry Christmas!”

Your glaring hypocrisy makes a mockery of both your argument, and the offense you’ve taken!

Enough said!

[End rant!]