From Whence IT Came…

Odd title having nothing whatsoever to do with what I planned on writing, but that’s what came to me, so I choose to see it through. Maybe it will lead me somewhere unexpected…

IT…. There it is again. Always. Stuck right in the middle of things, as if it belongs. So tiny and nondescript, and yet so crucial to making any sense…


I’ve been having revelations. Epiphanies, really. Those moments of indescribable joy when everything suddenly makes sense! Those moments that occur so rarely that you want to scream about them from every rooftop, but when you try, the magic is lost. Personal Truths, a lifetime spent learning, falling on deaf ears and absolute silence. And you know…. Nobody else seems to get it!


Maybe it’s not for them to know. Or maybe it’s just not time yet….

Maybe they will get there on their own someday. Or maybe no one else ever will…

After All, who am I to question IT?

As I dig deeper into Truth (my truth, at least), the pieces I understand get smaller and smaller. Like a bubble contracting around Me. Not constricting so much as refining. Purifying. Becoming tiny. But carrying significantly more weight than before…

I was alone for so long. Until I became more than one. Until I became All – the whole world living as One. I felt it. I knew it. I was it. Me, a tiny drop of rain absorbed into a vast and endless sea. Of me’s…. And then I lost it!

Evaporated into a cloud that rained upon the earth, or cast out of a wave and hurled recklessly upon the beach…. And then I was alone again, only this time I was aware of all those like me, around me, so very much alike while living separately. And there were only moments…. Flashes…. Lightning striking when I remembered IT.


Time passes, illusion or not. We grow old, frail…. Maybe wiser as we age. We learn to listen more than we speak, to give more than we take. We learn to wait. If strength and vigor are wasted on the young who know not how to use their power, so, too, is patience wasted on the elders who lack the will to wield it.


Tiny pieces, dense and heavy with promise… careening through my mind… smashing through what remains of my resistance. Leaving my heart light at last. Even if no one else understands. Ever. I, at least, feel complete…

By George, I think I’ve got IT!


8 thoughts on “From Whence IT Came…

  1. IT comes and goes, but IT never gets forgotten once you’ve found IT. That is the amazing thing about IT. In my words, I have stepped beyond Ego, and then slipped unexpectedly past Mind, and arrived at SPIRIT. Finding Spirit reconnects to Life. It was taken away when we are born, because our baby brains could not hold it in. But it waited there, noping you would find it again. Now you have! Hang onto it! But let it come and go as you need. It will return…

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  2. Hot Damn, Lisa!

    Tubularsock AND Professor Higgins thinks you’re “got it” as well, by jove!

    IT IS IT!

    Tubularsock would suggest that you go to a ball or at the very least just wallow in IT!

    Yes many times we forget that IT is IT but then IT reminds us of IT and we then realize that IT is IT even when we don’t remember.

    And once we recognize that IT is IT only once then we can let IT go because IT is IT and remains IT until we recognize IT.

    Therefore, IT is IT and IT is SO!


    Thanks for the reminder, Lisa.

    And by all means …………. have a continued happy IT!

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  3. Since your title has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I feel okay writing a comment (of sorts) that has nothing to do with the post either. How are you doing, Lisa? It has been a long time since we heard from you. I hope you are still with us. I miss talking to you.


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