Reflections, Visions

Unshed tears…

I am buckling under the weight of so many unshed tears;

drowning in a flood of sorrow, anger, shame, frustration and guilt…

But none of it is mine.

If you cannot or will not seek the personal, cleansing relief of crying yourself, know that someone else is crying for you.

No, tears will not heal your pain, or make it go away.  They will not change your circumstance at all.  If anything, they will only wash away the reserves, the deceits, the false promises you make to yourself to keep you going, when you absolutely know you can’t continue.  But that, in itself, is a relief.

For at the bottom of the well you’re trying to avoid is a stability you cannot find where you are at, trying to fly above it all.  There is darkness there, but also peace.  And a chance to genuinely regain some strength.

So let it go, if you can.  Break the dam by your own will, and release the tears threatening to unhinge you.  You are not alone.  I will happily sit with you, cry with you, and let you go.

That is my wish for you today – to free your self from this self-imposed delusion of “togetherness” (as in “having it all together”), and replacing it with the togetherness of sharing…

Peace, my friends…  Peace.


15 thoughts on “Unshed tears…

      • Well keep it on the ‘old backburner’ Lisa.
        Basically these were my steps
        Get into a mindset of ‘Aww what the heck!’
        Keep everything on Word docs (or equivalent)
        Merge them all onto one Word doc.
        Let everyone know on WP what you are doing.
        Check for typos, grammar etc on a free on-line editor (I use Grammarly)
        Upload onto an e-book site of your choice (I went corporate and used Amazon Kindle).
        Most important take your time over the whole business. That way there’s fun element involved.
        Keep on keeping on with your blog.
        Best wishes

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  1. Reads like you’ve been on both sides of that dam. Compassion, empathy, either for known individuals, or for those unnumbered unknown who pass by here, are a burden that not many it seems, either care to, or are able to carry. I expect that this burden we’ve taken on will only get heavier in the coming times while we must still walk this “vale of tears” as it seems to be much of the time. Still, if does not prevent us from living in joy; if anything it makes it easier, and gives it more depth. Your post is a great encouragement to me. Thank you.

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  2. “Still, it does not prevent us from living in joy; if anything it makes it easier, and gives it more depth. ” Thank you for this true reminder, Sha’Tara. And thank you for empathizing.

    When I mention these unshed tears to most, the responses almost invariably tend toward ways to “protect” myself from them. But I have no wish to do so. There are so many people suffering these days who are at a complete loss about how to express that suffering, so they pump themselves up with false positivity, working harder and harder to maintain that facade. Until such forced positivity becomes a mockery of itself. True joy (for me) comes from being present in each moment completely, expressing what is real and appropriate in that moment.

    On this particular day, events conspired to get me out of my private, isolated work space, and out onto the retail service floor. There I encountered one individual after another eager for a genuine connection to another person. It was my honor and my pleasure to engage with each of them, hear their stories, and honor their individual journeys, not with an eye toward “fixing,” “guiding,” or “carrying” them, but simply to acknowledge them…

    As an empath I may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the masses, known and unknown, but I have no desire to change or ease that journey. This is one way I can truly be of service to others. Can’t or won’t cry for yourself? That’s ok, because I will do it for you! Lol!

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    • According to the “Consumer’s Guide and Bible” it is wrong to feel sorry for anything. It is wrong to feel bad, or down, particularly evil if you feel that way because someone else is suffering or having a hard time. You must take the cure: get a new perm, or a manicure. Buy a new mattress or new curtains. Go out for dinner with a bunch of friends and have a wild time. If the condition persists, go to your doctor and insist on the right prescription this time. Put it all on the credit card. Now you’re playing the game by the rules. Don’t be a rebel. Don’t dare care unless you’re donating to a registered charitable organization and that too is entered on the credit card.

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  3. Your comment is a needed reminder that WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. We either have empathy for others, or (it seems to me) the country gets mired in narcissism….and yet we elect leaders who prove the point.

    As for the “cry” part, here’s a ‘theme song’ for you!

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    • Oh this is perfect, mistermuse!! Cry me a river, indeed. I love it! Thank you… ❤

      And I agree with what you're saying here, as well. We are all in this together, and empathy, however painful, beats rampid narcissism any day. As to why we elect these leaders? I'm seriously questioning if we do these days, or if we've only been led to believe we do… But that's a different post entirely! Lol!

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