“I see dead people…”

I am surrounded by dead people, both consciously and adrift in the dream world. I keep trying to avoid them, but they are everywhere and every when. I close my eyes and am assaulted in every setting I devise, even when aware enough to change venues and times. I open my eyes to discover the dead are not far behind…


And then I hear that tiny voice echoing through my mind…

“I see dead people…”

And I remember the twist that rhymes…

(“Are you sure you’re still alive??!”)

“Good question,” I reply…


7 thoughts on ““I see dead people…”

  1. Dead people? Or beings who have pssed through the veil of death? It sounds to me they are still alive, just no longer of this earth. Can you communicate with them, or are they spiritual zombies?
    Enquiring minds need more info, please?

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    • They are no longer alive in this time and space. And yes, I can communicate with them, but not in the sense you mean. I mean, they don’t seem to know that they are dead anyway. They want to interact with me as though we are all living, breathing beings, but I recognize them and know they are not. At least that’s true for most of them.

      There were a couple who seemed to know they were dead, at least enough so that they could change form from scary, ghoul-like figures to human looking spirits. Lol!

      The whole post is based on a movie with a young boy who uses that line. Can’t remember the name now, but it was a really cool movie. A memorable “twist” in the plot was that the dead people he often spoke with didn’t know they were dead yet.


      • Now I am confused. You say the post is based on a movie, so, is none of this actually happening to you, or is it just that you are using the movie to help describe what you are actually living through? (I am only talking here about the spirit thing, not the rest of what I already believe you are going through.)
        When I asked if you could communicate with the dead spirits, I was not thinking about asking them what was going on for them, etc. No, Lisa, I was merely asking if they could communicate on any level at all. Because, that is the BIG QUESTION, wouldn’t you agree? If death is oblivion, as so many modern day atheists think, there would be no spirits (except in our minds!) and there would certainly to be no ability to communicate on any level at all. But, if some kind of communication is possible, then oblivion is not an option. Death is not the finality those people want it to be.
        I, as you know, believe life is never-ending on any scale we here can possibly imagine because that is my experience. Reincarnation is real, on a non-physical plane. In other words, the physical plane of existence is just that, one plane amongst many.
        That is what I am wanting to confirm. Nothing more, and nothing less.

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    • So…. To further answer your question, Jerry, this post explores the question of why I’m seeing dead people everywhere, and it posits three possible (possibly overlapping) theories. 1. The veil between living and dead is thinning, as is the line between waking and dreaming realities. 2. I’m not really alive myself anymore, but I think I still am. Or 3. We, as a species, are on the verge of extinction, so close now that the dead have come to greet their soon-to-be departed loved ones. In other words, it’s the actual zombie apocalypse happening and I am living among the walking dead who don’t yet know they are soon to be dead.


  2. Hi Lisa, your post reminds me of the movie with Bruce Willis, a dead psychiatrist encounters a young boy who tells him he sees dead people. Also some intense sci-fi by Peter Hamilton. Personally I don’t actually see dead people but when I interact with ordinary people I can sense the degree of ‘deadness’ in their mind.
    I used to react to that by pointing out the problem but that only exacerbated the conflict. I’m aware now that there are levels of deadness in everyone and I accept that. There are levels of deadness in myself as well and I concentrate on fixing that. Phone fingers getting sore so letting it go at that. Hope it makes some sense!

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