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“The Pendulum…”

I had a vision this morning, during meditation.  It was quite disturbing to me…

In that vision, I was surrounded by standing people, all staring at me expectantly.  They were angry, defiant, defensive, with their arms crossed tightly in front of them.  I recognized some as prominent people from both sides of the political divide.  They appeared to be accusing me of something.  I heard myself telling them that nothing had actually changed…

As their demeanor grew more threatening, I found myself back-pedalling, seeking a safe distance from those in front of me.  Which is how I noticed the crowd was growing, including many “ordinary” faces among them now.  Before my very eyes the crowd became an angry mob, incapable of reasoning.  And all I could find to say to them, as my own frustration began being tainted by their fury, was…

“What is it you want from me?!   Some things just never change!”

***     ***

The pendulum swings back and forth

marking time…

making history…

And strapped beneath its swinging blade

we cannot escape its inevitability.

Swaying right or swaying left

we are divided either way.

Perhaps there is no reality

that includes an actual change…?



4 thoughts on ““The Pendulum…”

  1. Quote: “Perhaps there is no reality / that includes an actual change…?”

    An interesting question. What is reality? Can reality change, and if it did, would it still be reality? Certainly it would no longer be the same reality? OK, are we in one reality, or an infinite number of realities, some long gone, some yet to be created, and when we decide to make a change, are we creating an entirely new reality? Or does that depend on the kind of change one is talking about?

    Backing up to your confrontational crowd, to which you said, “What do you want from me? Some things just never change!” is what it wanted to hear, but it did not believe you. What is it about you the crowd is mad at? The fact that it knows, somehow, that you are changing and that they won’t be able to control you, that you won’t accept to be part of their “sheeple” reality any longer. What the crowd, any crowd, wants from any of us is to hear us swear that we will not change. Personal change condemns the “bread and circuses” crowd.

    Imagine the beginning of a reality that encompasses “the crowd” – say the institution of your US country. There is then a sense of rightness in the rawness and daring of it. You’ve charted something revolutionarily new. Then move along the decades and you see that as your original reality gains power it becomes more static, less free, more sold to an elitist apparatus, more reliant on external and internal violence to seek its ends which boils down to two things: expanding its power and maintaining its hegemony over any (or all) parts of the world it controls. From revolution your society has become reactionary: your crowd in your dream. It sees the certain demise of its reality because it has refused it room to change its nature into more human thoughts and acts. The crowd’s reality is now a machine which the crowd intends to defend by killing all those who would change the machine.

    Because Earth is a slave world, controlled by external/alien forces or powers hardly anyone here gives credence to, its “reality” is a machine. Every belief system, every faith, is designed to uphold the machine which in turn upholds the “Lords” or powers that have enslaved this world. It’s been called “the Matrix” and in the popular stories, this Matrix has agents, or “agent provocateurs” to stir up the crowd against those who seek to escape. We who escape do not do so physically, we do it mentally. That’s what the “crowd” is told to “sniff out” and snuff out if it can’t bring the rebel back into the sheeple fold. (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!… and this is but one viewpoint obviously severely coloured by my previous involvement in politics. You vision has countless interpretations.)

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    • I love this interpretation, Sha’Tara, and I adore you for writing it up. From all the various angles I considered, I did not see it from this one. Thank you for showing me this! 🙂

      I also took it as a general understanding that all those people here who voted for change against their consciences would be sorely disappointed in the results. It tagged in with another recent “vision” I had of a man, sitting at a computer, completely emotionless. Danger flowed from him, though I couldn’t tell you why; just something about his absolute quietness and lack of feeling felt like sociopathy in action…

      Some of it also relates, I think, to recent “discoveries” I’ve made regarding my purpose here. But that may be more appropriately laid out in a post, rather than a reply…

      Thanks for being here, dear One! Your presence is very much appreciated! 🙂

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