Poetry, Reflections

“The Glass Prison…”

Trapped in a prison of glass…

Free to see…

Free to feel…

But unable to touch those outside.

Watching as they self-destruct,

dragging along as many Others

as each can touch…

Only windows here,

but no doors I can find.

Bearing witness to the fury that consumes…

Nothing more.

Or less.

There are airholes high above me,

allowing me to breathe.

The stench of death and rotten things

nearly suffocating me…

“It’s only glass!,” you point out,

your tone a measured mix of disdain and disgust.

“If you feel trapped by it, you can only blame yourself!”

“True,” I think, knowing you are right.

“But if the only weapons I have are my hands, and feet and head…

“If I can only turn within this space, but not take a single step…

“Then how do I escape without also destroying my Self?”

And do I really want to?


Standing in a sanctuary made of glass…

Free to see…

Free to feel…

But unable to be touched by those outside.

Reflections, Visions


The clock on the wall keeps ticking, but the hands no longer move…

Because Time no longer motivates me.

Voices argue down the street, louder and louder, but the words no longer mean…

Because language never truly captured or communicated what was real.

Sadness, sorrow, grief wash over me, but tears no longer fall…

Because acceptance of what is, is, and my heart does not resist.

Peace wraps itself around me, as my eyes begin to lose their focus…

Because clarity comes to the Observer, relieved of earthly pleasures.

And I see…

That I am not alone, nor disconnected here from Others; rather we are joined in spirit, thought, and understanding.  Holding “hands” as all we’ve known drops out beneath us.  Free floating in a place without gravity to hold us, without severity to sink us.  Gently holding on to what is real for each of us… in a space with no time, no boundaries, no real limitations.  Just us.  And what each has chosen to live with…

I will not judge you on your choices, for I have made my own.  And each will be responsible for whatever seeds we’ve sown.  There is no “right” or “wrong” here, and “fairness” does not exist.  A redefinition is occurring of what we once called Justice.

The truth, as I see it (little “t” intended), is that choices surround us All. Depending on your perspective, belief and expectation, you alone can choose what path calls loudest to you…

Some may face a fork ahead, choosing left or right; envisioning a world where all is black or white…

Some may face a crossroads, where many paths may merge; joining forces, they move on to where their spirits urge…

Some may find themselves at the center of a wheel; all paths entering, even circling, but never truly leaving…

Whatever path awaits you, friends, I trust you will choose well.  At least you will decide your fate, as only you can for yourself.  And if you feel helpless, drowning in the chaos, chained to time and space…?  Try letting go completely, before it drags you down…

Detachment…?  Or apathy?

Surrender…? Or acceptance?

Cowardice…?  Or conscience?

The choice is always yours…


Flashback..., Poetry

“Living Logos…”

** An old one, but since the topic came up…  😉 **

“Living Logos”


Star to star…  Heart to Heart…

One step closer to being a-part.

All we can be…  All we can know…

All we Is, and All we are.


Hand to hand…  Soul to soul…

Each to the Other too other to know.

Mind to mind, the truth is One (won)…

The union of Stars, the birth of a Sun!

Poetry, Reflections, Visions


This is offered unedited, just as it came to me today.  Thought I should clarify that for some reason… lol!


There is a network beneath the ground

Tangled, tight and strong

Where messages travel faster than light

From anywhere to everywhere

In the awareness of a thought.

There is a global awakening happening

Though it may not be with us…

Silly humans, trussed up and selfish

Convinced we are the better Beings.

But beneath the ground there is no light

To compare our color, size or speed

There is only our strength

And willingness to embrace

All other living beings…

So if you find yourself awakening

In a world that doesn’t feel right

Look down, not up, for what you seek,

And embrace your true community.

For our answers are no longer above us

Shining in the Light

But hidden below, in warm, friendly shadow

Where individuals strengthen the whole.

And I am not just a human today

Frail, futile and faulty…

Today I embrace my deeper connections

And name myself

A Tree!


“I’m lovin’ it!…”

The waiting…

The expectation…

The wonder…

The disappointment.

Each inhale, a preparation…

Holding my breath…

The exhale…

A creation borne of endless possibility.

Loving the question marks that punctuate Life…

And the exclamation points!

So much drama unfolding

into quiet, peaceful reveries.

No need to rush…

Or remember.

The “best” parts always repeat.

Just experiencing

what I’ve come to expect.

Chaos and Stability walking

side by side…

hand in hand…


“Me!  I’m lovin’ It!”


“The Little Soul…”

I don’t usually reblog my own work, but I was led back to this piece by someone rummaging through my archives (yay!). It moved me in a new way, and so I felt compelled to share it again. Special thanks to whomever led me back to it, as I had totally forgotten its existence. 🙂

the otherhood of one

The time was long ago.

The place was far away

in space, if not in memory.

And there was born a soul

newly crafted and complete.

But what is it, One wondered,

about this particular soul,

on this particular date,

in this particular place,

that will make this soul unique?

What face will it choose to wear in Time?

What expressions might it reveal?

What will those shining eyes

choose to see

in a world of hidden grace?

And what masks will it then choose

to hide behind

to help define

its self?

***   ***   ***

“This is the mask you choose to wear?,”

The Creator asked the soul.

“You realize, I’m sure,

that it hides more than it shows…?”

“Of course,” replied the soul

adjusting its mask just so,

“but that is how I choose to live this Life

that you have now made possible.”

“Suit your self,” the Creator…

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A Visit from Jaguar…

Walking through my daily life

feeling watched…

feeling stalked…

But not threatened…

No…  Never that!

A snarl sounds nearby, catching my attention.

And I am thrilled…

Instant recognition!

A spotted face, a curled lip

whiskers scanning warily.

And the Fox who has been with me so long

suddenly vanishes!

“But of course he does,” I tell myself

laughing at the logic.

“Fox taught me much about survival in a world gone rogue;

now it’s time to practice what He taught!”

“Sooo, Jaguar,” I begin, returning to my self.

“I’ve sensed you near for days,

on the edge of consciousness,

shadowing my periphery.

Have you come forward now to aid me?

Teach me something about myself?

Or are you trying to frighten me,

and failing?”

Breathing deeply, I feel Strength

seeping into every cell…

Vibrating into my very Being…

Empowering every particle of Me.

Strength and Power…

and Stealth…

The prowess of a jungle cat.

And vibrant, radiant Health!

“Ahh…  Healing it is, then.

And Purpose, too.

For I Sense our joining…

No boundaries between us…

We are no longer Two!”




Smiling and joyful,

I blissfully embrace

my Jaguar nature

if only for today!